Post Tenebras Lux "After the Darkness Comes the Light"

The Crownist Faith Welcomes Persons of all Faiths

The Crownist Faith welcomes persons of all faiths and those who profess no faith in any particular form of religion. It is for those persons interested in actually living their lives in absolute harmony with the Divine rather than indulging in mere intellectual speculation about the possibilities of such a life.

The Crownist Faith seeks to provide the guidance and right association necessary for each person to learn to hear and do the will of God. It seeks to help each member discover and fulfill God’s plan and special purpose for him or her here on earth.

The Crownist Faith is composed of persons who have caught a glimpse of the adventure, fulfillment, and heightened awareness of the divinely directed life; and who are ready to discover the joy of continuously living this Divine Life.


We believe in the one omnipotent God, creator of all mankind.

God becomes real to the individual when the individual dedicates himself to God without reservation. God takes form as an inner guide and director of the individual’s life.

This divine direction results in a completely fulfilled individual who is a blessing to his neighbor, to his nation, and to his world.


We believe God created man in His own likeness and manifests Himself on earth through those men who have dedicated their lives to His service.

This service may be performed through the various professions, the arts the sciences, or other labors and skills.

Jesus of Nazareth, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Mohammed, and other religious founders/figures were men who experienced a unique cataclysmic conversion and were used by God to convert other men.


We believe the sole task of religion is to accomplish the transformation of the heart and mind of man.

We accept conversion to be true only when there has been a total transformation of character and daily life.

This miracle of conversion usually occurs by regular association with persons who have experienced conversion at an earlier date.

God’s Moral Law

We believe in the supremacy and the inviolability in God’s moral law.

This moral law declares that man can and must live a life of absolute purity, integrity, and self-control.

GOD is not deceived by anyone at any time. He holds aloft His standard and dares any mortal to try to evade His injunctions or lower the qualifications for entry into His Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God

We believe the kingdom of God to be God’s reign within and individual and the resultant expanded consciousness.

This reign involves a heightened awareness of God, the understanding and maturing of one’s self, and insight into the motives and needs of other persons.

This expanded consciousness is heaven and which can be entered into here long before the grave.
Hell is also here and is made manifest in the thwarted live of many persons.

“The Strongest of all the forces in the world is the claim of God upon the heart of man.” ~Stephen Sanders