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What We believe

All are welcomed.
The Crownist Faith welcomes persons of all faiths.

Stephen J. Sanders, Jr.

The ministry of Stephen J. Sanders, Jr., Founder of the Crownist Faith.

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Learn simple spiritual exercises to maintain focus on the divine life.

What We Believe


We believe in the one omnipotent God, creator of all mankind.


We believe God created man in his own likeness and manifests Himself on earth through those men and women who have dedicated their lives to His service.


We believe the sole task of religion is to accomplish the transformation of the heart and mind of man.


We believe in the supremacy and the inviolability of God’s moral law.


We believe the Kingdom of God to be God’s reign within an individual and the resultant expanded consciousness.

“All the genealogy necessary for anyone to know is that God is his father.”


“What you convey to those that have ears to hear is a message as old as God’s creation itself.”

Peter M

“I am compelled to say my life is totally changed which is due to your blessings towards me.”
Sarfraz S

“We have tried to follow his teachings ever since, and we haven’t been disappointed… We have gained a lot of inspiration, and our children have been influenced and encouraged by him.”
Kay S

“I met Mr. Sanders 49 years ago when I was 20. I was not searching for anything. But, I saw something very different in this man. In his daily life, he lived what he spoke about. He said ‘God is in Control’, and he showed me how to practice that in my own life. He showed me the Life he knew and shared is practical even in today’s fast-paced world.”